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Terms & Conditions

Vehicle Condition

All vehicles must be in a fit state for transporting, this means that the vehicle must be rolling and able to steer, flat tyres mean car cannot be rolled and extra charges may apply if driver has to change wheels (inflating tyres carries no charge, if the tyre can be inflated Note: winching a car with flat tyres places extra strain on winch mechanical parts inducing wear and tear) Vehicle must be made ready for loading i.e. loose parts belonging to car placed inside car; parts items not belonging to car must be declared beforehand. If not any foreign items will be removed or extra charges levied for carriage of such items. Non-Standard Vehicles: Please inform if vehicle is fitted with the following, Spoilers, Splitters and Side Skirts as they may hinder or prevent safe loading.

Vehicle Accessibility and Loading and Unloading

The vehicle must be in a place or be able to move to a place where it can be loaded safely. Access to the vehicle is the resposibility of vehicle owner, keeper/seller, assistance can be given to make vehicle accessible, but charges may apply in case of excessive work done to make vehicle accessible, fit for loading. Please warn if the vehicle is in any place not easily accessible such as: severe hills or ramps, tight bends, low arches, bridges etc or hump-back bridges or roads with weight restriction. I reserve the right to refuse carriage of any vehicle for safety reasons, without penalty to myself or other parties employed

In case of accident damaged vehicles collected from salvage yards or similar, I will not accept claims for any damage incurred through loading by salvage facility fork trucks or vehicles damaged in unloading as in the case where I have been misled regards vehicles condition i.e. vehicles that do not roll and/or are able to be steered. Vehicles will be parked on public highway nearest available to customers property. NOTE that it is a Road Traffic Offence (1980 Highways Act) to block any road that may impede other road users and emergency vehicles without first gaining permission of the local authority and the police. I try my best to please customers, if they want their car put on to their driveway, this is private property and by inviting me on to private property, I accept no responsibility for damage caused by my truck or parts attached to the truck.

Please DO NOT EXPECT the driver to push unaided any vehicle on or off private property. Driver is not a superhuman.

No covers will be installed unless prior agreement is arranged. In case of open top vehicles, fabric or solid hoods must be able to be made secure before transit, if this cannot be done then driver must be informed, failure to secure or inform may result in loss or damage which cannot be accepted by myself

Damages caused in loading or transit.

I am fully insured for damage caused whilst vehicle is in my care. I take every care to ensure vehicle is loaded and delivered in good order. All claims for damage must be backed up with evidence i.e. of damage, photographic.  In case of admitted or shared responsibility, I reserve the right to employ a professional body or agent to make repairs.  Customers accompanying their vehicle as passenger do so at own risk and must provide their own safety equipment. I cannot accept responsibility for windscreen glass breakage if it is being carried inside vehicle. I can not accept responsibility if the wheels have been painted (not enamaled or heat treated) and vehicle securing straps rub off paint.

​Stored Vehicles & Delivery Delays
All transported vehicles are stored free of charge.

I aim to offer affordable transporting and am able to do this by planning back-loads i.e. being loaded both ways. If a cancellation of a delivery is received less than 24hours before date / time given, extra charges may apply and any deposit taken will be forfeited. If vehicle arrives at delivery point and it is not possible to deliver car for any reason i.e. safety, non-payment the vehicle will be returned and a surcharge equal to the original delivery amount will be added to delivery charge plus storage charges. Any vehicles in storage that are unable to be delivered through delays out of my control, except due to severe, own vehicle Breakdown or own illness will be charged at £85 per week or £15.00 per day. All outstanding storage or transport charges must be paid before removal from premises, I claim possesory lien on any vehicle/property until bill is settled in full. Any attempt to remove vehicle will be regarded as theft and reported to the Police.

​Severe Weather / Illness / Mechanical Breadowns

I reserve the right to cancel or delay my service in the event of any of the above, without penalty to myself or other parties engaged by myself.


In the case of cash on delivery, payment must be received before vehicle or keys are passed over. A receipt can  be issued by the driver and passed to the customer this acts as a release note. No claim for damages will be valid after this receipt is accepted. Payment must be made before vehicle or keys are released. No cheques or credit cards accepted.

In certain circumstances I reserve the right to demand payment or part payment in the form of a deposit before delivery. I trust people to pay on completion of delivery.

I accept Cash, PayPal and Bank Transfers Payments (PayPal and Bank Transfer payments of more than £50 have to be made before car is collected / delivered.

Final Note::  I have made over a thousand deliveries, all without incident, but am honest enough to admit to a few minor mishaps, due to lack of information regards lowered cars with spoiler/splitters and other non-standard parts fitted to cars, that hinder safe loading. Damage to these vehicles have been very easily rectified to the satisfaction of the customer and my own pride in my job.